How will startups benefit with customer support outsourcing?

Posted by ICCS BPO on Wednesday 7th of June 2017

Modern start-up companies have endless opportunities with several technological tools available at their disposal. Several companies now outsource their customer support process to offer better services to their customers. In this post, we’ll have a look at how outsourcing customer support actually helps startup companies

With increasing competition across all sectors, it is now very important for every company to lay a major emphasis on the quality of their customer service. Especially if you are a startup looking to establish yourself in a competitive market, it is very important for you to offer the best to your customers and stand out from your competitors.

Increasing number of startups all over the world now prefer outsourcing their customer support process to countries like India to offer better support to their customers. Let us have a look at what makes outsourcing so beneficial for the startups. 

Optimizing Business Costs

One of the most important reasons for startups to outsource their customer support process is the cost savings. With the help of outsourcing, fixed business expenses can be turned into variables, allowing startups to save and invest in other important business activities. With the customer support process outsourced, a startup is no longer required to hire, train or fulfill other in-house employee demands while only paying for the availed services. 

Industry Knowledge

Professionals to whom your customer support process is outsourced have enhanced knowledge for several industries. The managers and agents of the outsourcing firms have an excellent understanding of the demands of modern consumers and they use time-proven strategies to help you achieve your business goals and offer the best to your customers. Better service to the customers will automatically help in increasing your customer base which will directly improve your bottom line. 

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Flexibility and Scalability

Call volumes rise and fall. As a result, your in-house agents would often be idle when the call volumes are low. Outsourced firms work with multiple clients which reduce the strictness of the changes in call volume. Thus, the outsourced agents are able to work with more efficiency and their managers are able to better schedule the staff to help in significantly reducing the call costs. Moreover, these firms have the manpower to quickly ramp up when the call volumes rise significantly due to a major marketing or seasonal activity. 

Quality Control

The agreements with outsourcing firms require all the calls and messages of the customers through all the channels to be handled very professionally. Resolution at the first call and revert time are two of the most important priorities for these firms. For this, they use many different types of monitoring tools, improvement plans, and routine assessment in place to make sure that the support quality is world-class. On the other hand, the in-house customer support team might not have access to the tools or resources for consistently monitoring the quality of service. 

Understand Your Customers Better

As a startup, it is very important for you to under your customer, their preferences and their behavior to grow. With the help of this information, business managers can offer better services and products to the customers which are in line with their expectations. However, startups generally do not have the expertise or the tools to be able to extract these insights. It is by outsourcing their customer support that they can understand their customers better and attract more buyers. 

These are some of the reasons which make outsourcing customer support highly beneficial for startups. With the help of trained professionals to handle queries of the customers, businesses can better focus on offering better services and products to their customers and improve their revenue.

How will startups benefit with customer support outsourcing?

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