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When it comes to the utility segment which manufactures products on which the customers rely in their daily life, responsiveness is one of the most important criteria for the businesses. But the vast customer base of utility businesses often makes it difficult for the companies to offer the services and products that they would like to offer to the customers. Businesses need to create partnerships for expanding their operations network and provide timely support to the customers.

ICCS can be an excellent partner for businesses involved in the utility sector. With vast experience in this domain and mutually rewarding relationships with a number of national and international clients for a long time, our Utility outsourcing services in India is what your utility business needs to gain an edge in the industry. 

Our Utility BPO services include-

  • Customer Management- Multi-channel outbound and inbound service support which includes query management, customer acquisition, collections, campaign management, and grievances. 
  • Billing and Fulfilment- Managing prepaid accounts, processing of bills, issue management, metering services, cancellation management, and invoice generation. 
  • Service and Account Management- Service installations, service order management, service request management, relocations and upgrades, and outage handling. 
  • Collection- Reminder/collection of payment management, identifying hardships of the customers, reconciliations, credit management, and payment plan support.
  • Business Monitoring and Reporting- Predictive analytics for optimizing processes and reporting on the basis of intelligent data collection.

 All our processes are strengthened with the help of latest technologies and we have implemented stringent quality measures to ensure that the results are exactly as per your expectation. 

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