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Job Description:

Essential requirements :-

A) Payroll

B) Labour complaince

C) Appraisals

D) Performance management

E) Employee engagement

1. Encouraging and training the employees to give their maximum output and meeting the standards of the company.

2. Supervising the behavioral problems of the employees and attending employee to resolve it.

3. Promoting an orderly but friendly work environment to increase the productivity of the employees

4. Employee Relations Program Design to ensure the fair treatment of employees and effective communication between employees and managers.

5. Implement Policies and Procedures to determine the way employees conduct themselves in the workplace and address issues like drug and alcohol use, sexual harassment, and privacy. The employee relations SPOC is responsible for creating and enforcing these policies.

6. Resolve Workplace Conflicts   Situations between employees and management arise in any workplace environment. Employee relations ER SPOCs address these conflicts and strive to resolve them in a positive manner that benefits all parties and facilitates healthy work relationships.

7. Address Employee Concerns    Listen and address employee concerns to encourage a supportive atmosphere in the workplace. Resolve employee issues and handle complaints to protect the interests of all parties involved.

8. Advise Manager   It’s important for ER SPOCs to have the skills to handle employees in all potential work scenarios. Employee relations SPOC provide advice on how to effectively deal with employees, especially in difficult situations.

9. Lead Negotiations:   Negotiations are another key duty. Employees often sign contracts that outline salaries and benefits, and employee relations SPOC facilitate the negotiation of these contracts between employees and management to come up with terms that please both sides.

10. Boost up the employee engagement activities across all centres.



• Admirable experience in handling employee relations.

• Wide knowledge of different HR policies and methods to implement them.

• Profound knowledge of the employment policies and regulations imposed by the government and statutory bodies.

• Should have a passion for working with diverse groups of people and a knack for problem-solving.

• Interpersonal skills – the employee relations SPOC often plays the role of counselor, mediator, and connector between the workforce and management, so strong interpersonal skills are essential to identify the needs of employees and management

• Problem-solving skills –  Devise solutions to issues that arise in the workplace

• Negotiation – employee relations SPOC present information and bargain with managers and employees to reach contract terms that please both sides

• Communication skills – healthy employee relations depend on the flow of information through the company. The ability to listen and understand people’s concerns is important for this position, as is the ability to provide answers to complex workplace questions

• Analytical skills – as the link between employees and employee relations  need strong analytical skills to assess situations and make accurate observations in the workplace



Full time MBA from a premium institute

Minimum 15 years of experience in HR and ER.